with Author Janice Law, at the Ken Burns Event at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

She also serves as President of the State Senate. Law held a signing in the state capitol building, Montgomery.


Narrative nonfiction American Evita: Lurleen Wallace.

   Janice Law’s sixth book, braids the biographies of Governor Lurleen Wallace of Alabama and Evita Peron, First Lady of Argentina-- women in their time, who were not women of their time.

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Writers League of Texas
Featured Meet the Members

   Born in the same era, both first ladies--of rural, humble birth, who did not graduate from high school--emerged as charismatic leaders; the trajectories of their high-profile achievements and dramatic life journeys paralleling in astonishing chrysalis patterns, eclipsing the political Suns of the steely-eyed, more educated, men of expediency they married.

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Judge Law discusses American Evita

   Their husbands kept from each, the identical life-threatening medical secret. Their humanitarian legacies endure beyond each woman’s early, poignant death from the same cause. Their husbands’ self-focused legacies proved gossamer.

   How much I love this book! It is just so gripping, fascinating and engaging! Beautifully written too. Its revelations are sensational. The way Janice Law puts words together makes me want to jump up and down cheering, writes Helen Anders, former Austin American Statesman.

AE is Law’s 4th book accepted into Library of Congress collections.

Law’s books include several genres. More...

KEN BURNS doc film maker
, chats with Janice Law at National Press Club. Burns and Law lived in Ann Arbor, Michigan near the same time period.

ALABAMA Governor Robert Bentley’s Chief of Staff Seth Hammett (right)
meets with Janice Law in his office to discuss AMERICAN EVITA: LURLEEN WALLACE.


Follow Nancy Drew to American Women Writers National Museum to learn about Judge Law's exciting national literary project! See Feb 13 Video, Babies, Brass Band and Dancing!

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Narrative Nonfiction Biography
by Janice Law

Debuted April 18-19, 2015 at
                        Los Angeles Times Book Festival

“Gripping, fascinating, engaging. Beautifully written. Sensational revelations.”

Honorable Mention, June 2011
Texas Bar Journal "Write Stuff"
short story contest

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Law and her museum featured in
Sept 2011 Texas Bar Journal

2009 Mystery Thriller
“Outstanding! Loved it! Can't wait for the movie!”
Ron Sarasin, President,
U.S. Capitol Historical Society

2008 Children’s Historical Fiction

.“..cleverly conceived... delightfully innovative format.”

Galveston Daily News

2007 Nonfiction Autobiography

“...epitomizes the very best intellectual and writing skills of an experienced journalist, trial lawyer and criminal court judge.”

Dr. Peter Olsson

2006 Literary Nonfiction

“Law describes in chilling detail the cold-blooded, heartless individuals...and those are only the lawyers and judges...”

Robert Payne, Judge
Violet Crown (Texas Book) Award

So You Want to Write a Book? 2013 Program sponsored by National Association of Women Judges, District 4: L-R: Ted Williams, Fox News; Professor Stephen Wermich; Allison Leotta, author; Gene Taft, publicist; Janice Law, author of five books.

U.S. SENATOR JEFF SESSIONS’ Chief of Staff Rick Dearborn chat about Alabama history during Law’s visit to the D.C. office.


Texas Bar "Write Stuff" Competition
Honorable Mention 2011 Short Story (Fiction):
"The Secrets of a Client are Inviolate"

Yield: a Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary is a finalist in Texas' 2007 Violet Crown (Texas Book) Award! Log on to:

 Yield awarded Honorable Mention in 2007 national competition sponsored by Public Safety Writers, a literary group of police, firefighters, EMS and others. www.policewriter.com

NOV 19 Law will join NY Times best-selling author NORA ROBERTS at an evening event. For details, Click on Appearances Page.

Click Order page to see Janice Law with MSNBC/TV Host Chris Matthews, TV personality Patrick Buchanan, and other fellow authors.

Sept. 15, 2009: Wicked Good Secrets interview, British Broadcasting Corporation, mp3. (Law’s interview is last on the file.)

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Janice Law chats with international mega-selling author and fellow lawyer John Grisham about her 2007 book Yield: A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary. Law met Grisham in December, 2009 at WAMU radio in Washington D.C.

Oscar winner ROBERT DUVALL chats with Janice Law at the National Press Club 2007 Author Night about her books. Duvall has won two Oscars, plus five Oscar nominations as well as two Emmys and four Golden Globes. Law is an avid Duvall fan.

National Book Fest 2011, Janice Law discusses AWWNM with Pulitzer Prize winner and U.S. Poet Laureate (1993-95) Rita Dove.

Janice Law visits with Hollywood director RON HOWARD about her thriller Wicked Good Secrets.

Princeton Club, New York City New York Center for Book -- Annual Hall of Fame Gala L-R: Janice Law, chatting about writing, with Toni Morrison, winner of the Nobel and Pulitzer prizes.

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Law speaks to "What If...Science Fiction & Fantasy Forum", at Library of Congress about her books

Law at Library of Congress with posters advertising her May 2012 lecture on her books.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice CLARENCE THOMAS autographs his autobiography To Judge Law, "with respect and admiration". Thomas spoke in Houston in 2007 to Fed Bar Assocation.

Legendary American woman songwriter Carole King, right, chats with AWWNM Founder Janice Law after King’s appearance on WAMU radio, the NPR affiliate in D.C. Carole King’s new book is A Natural Woman: A Memoir.

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