Excerpts from Capitol Cat & Watch Dog Succulent Sleuths Protect U.S. Botanic Garden

"In the conservatory, darkened for the Mystery event, sus picious conduct of three attendees caught Watch Dog’s attention. They drifted away from the event group to check walls and ceilings for hidden security cameras and the security alarm system. He moved closer as the men whispered about the news on the Internet concerning the star Saguaro “Old Granddad.” They did not realize Watch Dog understood everything they whispered."

"He could see that Dee noticed their actions too, but she wasn’t near enough to hear."


"The next morning, the national TV networks, radio stations, twitter, Facebook and blogs featured the dramatic story. Letters, emails and tweets of praise for thwarting the theft poured into the computers of members of Congress."

"Reporters interviewed Dee on camera. Her police intern class gave her a standing ovation."


Illustrations by Jason Eckhardt

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