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Law excels in bringing political system to kids

By Margaret C. Barno
Published July 20, 2008

"Capitol Cat & Watch Dog Unite Lady Freedoms," by Janice Law, illustrations by Jason Eckhardt, Eakin Press, 68 pages, $12.95

Reading books is a special time for both adults and children.

Whether reading a book together or spending time together enjoying different books, the joy of reading is transmitted across the generations.

It has been shown children who read books do better in school, have broader vocabularies and can express themselves better than those who do not read regularly. Adults who read to children learn too by reading.

Here are just a few things I learned from Janice Law's newest book, her first children's book.

The statue atop the Capitol dome in Washington, D.C., is Lady Freedom.

Each state has donated two bronze statues of people from the state, inventors, explorers, teachers, past U.S. presidents and scientists.  More....

Learning about government was never so entertaining, August 3, 2008

History leaps to life in this delightful book about a cat and her pals who manage to involve the branches of the U.S. government in the cause of helping two twin Lady Liberty statues reunite. Janice Law's clever, playful tale of statues inside the Capitol coming to life will make your child giggle while he or she learns a lot about our nation's governing structure, as well as the value of friendship and helpfulness.
 --H. Anders, Austin, TX

A Grandfather's Reading Delight, August 8, 2008

Janice Law's delightful book "CAPITOL CAT & WATCH DOG Unite Lady Freedoms", provides a wonderful opportunity for a parent , grandparent or teacher to read to a child. It is not only entertaining but will provide valuable information about many key aspects of civics and our American government and some of our important elected leaders. I look forward to reading this fine book to my grandchildren. In fact, I really enjoyed it myself. The excellent illustrations by Jason Eckhardt blended with and helped enliven Janice Law's clear and creative narrative. I wish I had had this book in my gradeschool library many years ago.
 -- Peter Olsson M.D.

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