Judge Janice Law teaches a class in non-fiction writing at the Ann Arbor (Michigan) book festival . The class in Writing Memoir was part of the Writers Conference preceding the book festival held on the University of Michigan campus in May 2007. Judge Law thinks that the room in which she taught her writing class, may be one of the same rooms where she attended classes as a journalism student decades earlier!

Galveston Pachyderm Club reads Judge Law's YIELD.

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In CNN green room--Janice Law meets CNN superstar newscaster WOLF BLITZER in Washington, D.C

Janice Law with Joyce
Carol Oates

River Oaks Bookstore
signing, October 5, 2006. Judge Janice Law with long-time friend Penny Buttler (center).

Janice Law visits with best-seller, veteran biographer Kitty Kelley (left) about writing and research

L-R: NPR mega star Diane Rehm chats with author Judge Janice Law about her nonfiction biography AMERICAN EVITA:LURLEEN WALLACE.

SAN ANTONIO, TX--Spouses of Texas judges visit with Judge Law, (right) after her lecture to the spouses at the annual regional judicial conference.

Judge Law discusses her books with Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine Law School. Judge Starr, a native Texan, is a former federal appeals court judge, and former U.S. Solicitor General.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Sandra S. Froman, president of the National Rifle Association, chats with Judge Law at a reception preceding their panel presentation.

The Situation Room--Janice Law tours the CNN Situation Room with Washington, D.C. in the background.


WASHINGTON, D.C.-- G. Gordon Liddy, host of a popular Radio America show, interviews Judge Law. Liddy is most well-known for his involvement in Watergate events of the 1970s.

Judge Law signs books for fans at Kentucky Book Fair in Frankfort and Virginia Festival of the Book in Charlottesville. Judge Law was a featured author in both festivals.

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