Wicked Good Secrets is a fast-paced fiction thriller told in the flashy, cinematic style of National Treasure hit films. Wicked Good Secrets discloses how a wicked secret double-encrypted in an 18th century diary intersects dramatically with 16th century Vatican art under the U.S. Capitol dome from which a gadfly journalist plunges to his death.

Author Janice Law teams a former criminal court judge with an Indian chief to unravel America's most stubborn historic mystery: the two-century old disappearance the U.S. Capitol cornerstone.

Dangerous clues climax in a dark, isolated Washington, D.C. cemetery where human and nonhuman forces threaten the duo's investigation and their lives.

Detail from back cover, a clue in this intricate thriller.

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Can't Wait for the Movie!

I loved it! I can't wait for the movie! I enjoyed every part of your outstanding thriller Wicked Good Secrets. What a wonderful combination of the artist Constantino Brumidi's story, and the U.S. Capitol cornerstone mystery you have provided for those of us who really enjoy the Capitol building.--Ron Sarasin, president, U.S. Capitol Historical Society

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(From left) Attorney/author Ron Collins, Scholar at the First Amendment Center of the Newseum, Washington, D.C.; Janice Law, and Omar Berry, manager of Border's bookstore at 600 14th St. NW Washington, D.C. chat during Law's signing there.

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Amazon review
5 Star

Janice Law has created some memorable characters in situations I, a multi-decade resident of DC, could not imagine would have some historical basis in my adopted city. Very fun read. Ginnyesq.

Wicked Good Crypto Fun
Amazon review
5 Star

Janice Law has outdone herself with her latest foray into historically-steeped fiction, this one centered on the age-old practice of cryptography. Professional codebreakers, codebreaker wannabes, and just plain puzzle people, in particular, will find Janice's dramatic treatment of secret writing methodologies engaging and entertaining. For the rest of us, Janice has penned yet another wickedly good yarn, with our glorious nation's capital at the epicenter. Can a wickedly good feature film or a TV miniseries be next? L KRSH VR! (Try the fabled Caesar Cipher to decrypt the last three words.) --Linda McCarthy, founding curator, CIA museum

Janice Law visits with Hollywood director Ron Howard.

Peggy Bulgar, Director of the National Folklife Center of the Library of Congress stops by to chat with Law at her signing at famous Trover's bookstore, Washington, D.C. The Folklife center is featured in Wicked.

Janice Law greets fans Nick and Trudy Kominus at her recent signings for Wicked Good Secrets at Borders bookstore, 1801 K Street, Washington, D.C.

Listen to BBC interview of Janice Law at Washington Borders on Sept. 15, 2009:  mp3 (last portion of tape.)

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Politico Dave Frederickson (from left) lost his head over Law's signing of Wicked Good Secrets; as Law and Margaret Frederickson chat at Borders 14th St. NW store in Washington, D.C.

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