from The Cryptogram, official newsletter of the American Cryptogram Organization, Summer 2009

Wicked Good Secrets by Janice Law
Eakin Press
P.O. 21235
Waco, Texas 76702
266 pp.  $19.95

You cannot read this book and fail to think of
Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, Angels and
Demons books and movies or The National
Treasure movies. It is a fast past action thriller
that is sure to entertain the historian and
cryptographer in you. The somewhat short
story revolves around the United States Capitol
building with plenty of action in the surrounding
area to keep things interesting.

A hunt is on by several groups to be the first to
get their desires met while frustrating the
remaining players. People thrown over
balconies, dark tunnel chases, and shoot outs
with unknown players are just some of the
scenes sure to scratch that thrill seeking itch.

The two main characters, a former criminal
court judge and an Indian chief, form a duo to
unravel the mystery of an encrypted diary. A
group of Indians, some domain experts and
even some unknown players round out some of
the richly described characters that help propel
the story on its fast track of action.

The story uses props from a few different
centuries including an 18th century diary, 16th
century Vatican art, and present day
happenings that all start out in unrelated arcs.
They are swiftly combined into a coherent story
line that moves along quickly in short chapters.
Each era brings interesting clues, players, and
conflicts to keep the action and suspense
moving along.

There is some real cryptography in the story
line to keep the reader occupied. Diaries are
encrypted, art work with clues and all sorts of
minor puzzles to play with are presented. An
Alberti style code wheel is almost a character in
its own right. If keywords like APPLE and
TAXES spark a memory to other films, you will
surely enjoy this book.

Mark Oeltjenbruns
13595 Skyline Circle
Shakopee MN 55379

Bravo to Janice Law Again
Peter A. Olsson MD

Janice Law's diverse writing talent finds yet again a new form. Wicked Good Secrets adds a thriller/page-turner and mind-expander to her earlier charming childrens' book, thought provoking studies about legal issues, Solomon's wisdom demands for judges, and psychological alienation in families. Readers be ready to be challenged. Bravo Janice!

A Wicked Movie in the Future?

Wicked is a good read! Maybe a movie in its future?--Gary Polland, Attorney, Houston

Most Entertaining I've Read in Years!
By Trudy Kominus

Wicked Good Secrets is by far the most entertaining mystery I've read in years. It's not only a mystery, it's an education. Bits and pieces on our nation's capital keep popping up from page to page.

The Florida Bar Journal Review (see 4th review on page)

...While styled mainly as an entertainment, Wicked Good Secrets also has serious themes about law, treaties, and Native American history and culture.

Legal terminology proves a key to unlock the mysteries: in pari materia. To understand the meaning of two things that may appear inconsistent, read them together to discern their compatibility.

Novel With Feel of Washington Reality
By R. J. Young

I started Wicked Good Secrets on Friday morning and stayed with it until I completed it at 3 a.m. on Saturday! Wicked is Janice Law's best book yet! Her research is obviously excellent as is her feel for the Washington, D.C. scene. It is a fascinating literary work of multiple genres: Washingtoniana, history and mystery. Wicked Good Secrets justifies comparison with Drury's "Advise and Consent" and Ward Just's "Echo House." I realize Wicked is a novel, but it has the feel of reality.

Wicked Good Secrets very entertaining!
Amazon Review

Sooooo much fun, lots of twists to a very interesting plot!!!! Started the book on an airplane flight, it cost me some sleep.... but I couldn't put it down until I finished! Wonderful read, you will ENJOY!!!!--Kimberly D. Wind "K. Wind"

Thrilling historical fiction
By E. Joyner (Plano, TX)

In this thrilling historical fiction Janice searches for answers to questions about a journalist's death in the US Capital, and Chief Wind Eagle searches to find a national treasure. Their teamwork takes them from the US Capital with hidden rooms, through tunnels, to graveyards. Clues from the past are found in artwork and history of the artist of various paintings in DC. Janice and Chief Wind Eagle use cryptanalysis to find solutions to ciphers and creative thinking to follow clues which in turn help to solve the mysteries in this book. Ms. Law, thank you for a great read!

Cinematic Thriller
By celtic lady "thriller lover" (Washington, DC)

Janice Law creates unforgettable cinematic characters like the magestic Native-American chief who lives undetected inside the U.S. Capitol building, teaming with a former Texas criminal court judge who helps him follow increasingly dangerous clues to unravel a whispered mystery of his tribal legacy. Law's fifth book, using Washington, D.C. icons as historic backdrop, is a wicked good film-ready roller coaster ride! When I devoured Wicked Good Secrets, I could visualize the movie scenes in my mind.

Tapped Into Her Journalism Career
By Nick Kominus

A terrific mystery sprinkled with fascinating information on our nation's capitol. Wicked Good Secrets also delves into art and cryptography in an interesting way. Janice has tapped into her long career in journalism and law to produce a suspenseful story.

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