Excerpts from Capitol Cat & Watch Dog
                 Hunt Thomas Jefferson's Hair in                              the Library of Congress

"When I took this exhibit off the shelf to show the journalist our three samples of President Thomas Jefferson’s hair, the gray hair sample was gone!” Dr. Knudson exclaimed, panic creeping into his voice.

“Why would someone take only one of the samples?” the police officer asked.

“That’s what I thought,” the journalist responded.


"No one knew where the gift of the Night Magic came from, or really, what it was. It just happened.  

Long ago, they had decided not to ask."


       ”We should direct our search to areas of LOC that match President Jefferson’s interests and hobbies."  

“President Jefferson’s first and lifelong love was the violin. He is said to have always carried with him, in a case fitted on his saddle, a small violin that he played often. Let’s go to where LOC’s Stradivarius violins are stored,” Cat-alog suggested; leading the trio to Whittall Pavilion, an elegant reception room off the main LOC Jefferson Building entrance."

“LOC has Strads?” Watch Dog whispered to Capitol Cat.”

Law shows Felix, the bomb-sniffing dog a sketch of his colleague Watch Dog in Law's new book. Felix and his handler Mitch starred at Law's event for children at the South Dakota book festival.

Illustrations by Jason Eckhardt


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