Excerpts from Capitol Cat & Watch Dog
                 Outwit the U. S. Supreme Court

"A Night Magic, visible only to the statues scattered throughout the Capitol Building and the Visitor Center, engulfed them each evening after humans had gone, transforming them from motionless, silent statues into the vibrant beings they had been in their lives.

The Night Magic also rendered them invisible to humans.


No one knew where the gift of the Night Magic came from, or really, what it was. It just happened.  

Long ago, they had decided not to ask."


       Suddenly a face appeared from under the curtains.  

“May I help you?” the feline figure inquired calmly as if it were routine to meet a cat and a dog wandering around the courtroom at night."

“Are you Supreme Cat?” Watch Dog asked.  

“I am. My name is Nino,” the figure responded grandly, moving out from under the curtains.

He was wearing a suit jacket with his fur sticking out of the collar just a bit

“Jackets are required by the court,” he said, anticipating their surprise.”

Law shows Felix, the bomb-sniffing dog a sketch of his colleague Watch Dog in Law's new book. Felix and his handler Mitch starred at Law's event for children at the South Dakota book festival.

Illustrations by Jason Eckhardt


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