Gallantry... Humor... Exploitation... Cruelty... Greed...

"If our courts are just theaters and not places of justice, where as a nation are we headed?..."

This excerpted juror's letter is one of many Judge Janice Law weaves into the electrifying narrative of her rookie year on a county criminal court bench in America's fourth largest city.

Yield, A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary
ISBN 1-57168-405-0
hardcover, $24.95

Yield is a finalist in Texas Writers League's Violet Crown Book Award (now called Texas Book Award).

Violet Crown Finalists Named! The Awards Ceremony will be held during the Texas Book Festival, Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 3 PM in Capitol Extension Room E2.030. ....more

Open YIELD and discover what it's really like to be a judge.

Accepting a suggestion from instructors at New Judges' School, Janice Law, a former print journalist, kept a meticulous daily diary of her explosive first year as judge in Harris County, (Houston) Texas, Criminal Court No. 5. Yield, A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary takes readers behind the bench, into chambers, and into the courtroom....

AUSTIN--Yield debuts at the annual meeting of the Texas Bar in June 2006. L-R: Texas lawyers/authors Daniel R. Castro, Judge Janice Law, Judge Susan Baker.

Texas Bar Journal, Sept. 2006

Janice Law chats with international mega-selling author and fellow lawyer John Grisham about her 2007 book Yield: A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary. Law met Grisham in December, 2009 at WAMU radio in Washington D.C.

TEXAS' STATE CAPITOL: Janice Law displays her certificate as a finalist in the nonfiction category of the Texas' Writers League Violet Crown Award (now Texas Book Award). Law was honored for her 2006 book Yield, A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary. The major Texas literary award, named after a line from classic author O. Henry, was presented in the state capitol building, recogizing winners and finalists as part of a panel at the 2007 Texas Book Festival in Austin.

AUSTIN--Judge Janice Law signs copies of Yield for Texas Bar Association members, June 2006.

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