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Yield is a non-fiction work that reads like a fast-paced action novel. It is a well-written, easy reading account of Judge Janice Law's first year on the Harris County, Texas Criminal Court. Judge Law describes in chilling detail the cold blooded, heartless individuals who frequent the corridors of the Criminal Court system, preying on the innocent as well as the guilty. And those are only the lawyers and judges working the "system" for their own personal gain! Defendants brought before the Criminal Court system for adjudication are often at the mercy of lawyers and judges who should, themselves, be brought up on charges.

This book is not about individual cases brought before the Criminal Court; it is about the Criminal Court itself and is a stunning indictment of the judicial system in that one Harris County court. One hopes the worst of the lawyers and judges described in this book are no longer practicing their brand of "justice" in Texas, but one is left with the uneasy feeling that politics, power, and money may still trump justice in the Harris County Criminal Court.

This book was a finalist in its category at the Texas Book Festival - Violet Crown awards.--Robert Payne (Austin, Texas)

I was appalled at the behavior of your colleagues and defense attorneys who reduced themselves to pitiful cowards. Thanks for some great insights and enjoyable reading.--Clymer Wright, Houston civic acivist

...excellent, entertaining writing....with great clarity and insight into our legal system. Yield is strongly recommended. --Paul Pressler III, retired Justice, 14th Court of Appeals

I love it! I almost couldn't put it down. I had forgotten how brutal it really was... I am poised, waiting for year two. --Debra Griffin, Winder, Ga.

I liked the way you peppered Yield with little thank you notes from jurors. If you didn't care about the judicial system, you wouldn't have received any of those 'voice of the people' letters. Good book. I hope everyone reads it.
     -- Cooky Oberg, Dickinson, Texas

...excellently written...an intriguing portrait. Yield will capture your attention...with the fascination associated with watching an automobile accident. --Mark Lardas, reviewer, Galveston (Texas) Daily News

I was bowled over by Yield. What Judge Law put up with sucessfully...no person--much less a judge--should ever be subjected to. Her ability to deal with affronts so effectively is remarkable. --Ed Benjaimin, esq., Attorney, New Orleans


Judge Janice Law, discussing YIELD on C-SPAN2 Book TV.

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