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IF YOU'VE EVER wondered about your blood relatives: Who ARE these people? I have absolutely nothing in common with them...'ll identify with Strangers in Blood. Dramatically tracking a card with no return address, Janice Law stirs the ashes of a 50-year estrangement from a much older brother; while trying to unravel a mystery of their heritage. With her experiences, she interweaves profiles of celebrities who reveal their family estrangements. PBS host John Bradshaw, African-American sculptor Ed Hamilton, sportsbiz whiz Michael Veeck, Pulitzer Prize winner Rick Bragg and others share their personal secrets.
    Law, a former federal and state prosecutor, defense attorney, criminal court judge, and journalist, is the author of
    Yield: A Judge's Fir$t-Year Diary and
    Sex Appealed: Was the U.S. Supreme Court Fooled? Both books have been featured on CSpan2's BOOKTV.


"Law's book epitomizes the very best intellectual and writing skills...." More...

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