<<< Chatting with Justice Scalia: At a November, 2008 Federal Bar Association event in Houston, Janice Law talks with fellow author U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

When Deputy  Joseph Richard Quinn and three other veteran Harris County, Texas sheriff's deputies with guns drawn, burst into a southeast apartment the night of September 17, 1998, searching for a black male with a gun, their shocking discovery in the back bedroom triggered a chain of events resulting in a June 26, 2003 United States Supreme Court decision declaring unconstitutional laws criminalizing consensual same sex sodomy.

SEX APPEALED, Was the U.S. Supreme Court Fooled? is Judge Janice Law's intriguing portrayal of the events and personalities surrounding that night and the aftermath. It is a non-fiction narrative of sex, jealousy, betrayal, ambition, murder, politics--and an elite Ivy League legal team of a New York based national homosexual rights organization whose skill and devotion resulted in the high court's controversial decision in

Lawrence v. Texas.

Judge Law unravels a fascinating account based on original research--personal interviews with both key and behind-the-scenes figures, many of whom have never spoken publicly: the arresting officers, defendants, attorneys, judges, and Republican party leaders in Harris County who put pressure on Texas judges they felt strayed from the Party line that consensual same sex sodomy should remain criminal.

Judge Law explores pervasive rumors that the events of September 17, 1998, were a prearranged, orchestrated set-up designed to test Texas Penal Statute 21.06 -- a too perfect case.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Pastor Rick Scarborough, founder of Vision America, chats with Judge Law about her book.

WASHINGTON, D.C.--Judge Law enjoys a humorous moment at the National Press Club's annual Book & Author Night. (L-R) Richard Briggs, her cousin; his wife Joyce, Debra Griffin, her former court coordinator; and Don Jansen.

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