Sex Appealed Excerpt

Copyright © 2005
By Janice Law
Chapter 1: Aprés Moi, Le Deluge (After Me, the Ruin)

The back bedroom was dark. But the bedroom door was partly open, illuminating the bedroom with some indirect light from the kitchen.

Deputy Lilly inched forward first.

Deputy Quinn was so close behind Deputy Lilly that when Lilly jerked backward at the bedroom door, he bumped Deputy Quinn.

"Whatever Deputy Lilly saw in that bedroom caused him to jerk back hard and fast. From the way Lilly reeled backward, I knew Lilly had seen something shocking. Because we were responding to a report of a man with a gun, I thought Lilly was seeing an armed man in there. So I went low."

Deputy Quinn immediately crouched with his own .45 to protect both deputies from whatever threat waited in the half-light of the bedroom.

SAN ANTONIO, TX. -- Judge Janice Law at the Bexar County Bar Association, annual Bench Brunch honoring all women judges in Texas. Her book Sex Appealed was a silent auction item.

"The adrenaline was flowing. I drew down, ready to fire. I had two pounds on a three pound hammer."

Deadly force that can never be called back.

An instant to decide: Fire? Don't fire?

In the sweaty, heart-pounding nanosecond before squeezing the trigger of his .45 in what he perceived was defense of himself and his fellow officer, Deputy Quinn saw in the dim light of the back bedroom what had caused Deputy Lilly, a veteran officer, to jerk full backward in shock....

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TWO JUDGES--Retired Fifth Circuit Judge Charles W. Pickering Sr. of Mississippi confers with Judge Law before a panel discussion featuring both authors.

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